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Special Images is the online portfolio of Grantly Lynch Photography Ltd.

I work in London and Southern England, and offer a full digital corporate photography service with over 20 years experience in working with many of the UK's top companies.

If you have any questions please call Grant on 07831 366136 or grant@specialimages.co.uk

Payment terms for hiring a corporate photographer are strictly 30 days from
invoice date. No licence to use is granted until full payment is received.
Any queries must be notified in writing within seven days. UK Copyright
remains with the UK corporate photographer at all times. Cancellation fees
apply for cancellations less than 2 working days.
Grantly Lynch Photography Limited. Registered in England No. 4048008


A UK based royalty free photo library, offering original UK business and lifestyle photos.
Decent images at decent prices.
Well worth a butchers!
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Creative  postcards and pictures of the British coast.
Images that portray the lifestyle of living by the sea.

An online UK model agency. If you are interested in becoming a UK photographic model and would like to join a UK model agency please click here >>

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